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GS-100 Series

Alvey GS-100 series palletisers provide a low-cost, high-quality, and reliable option for low-speed palletizing applications.

The Alvey GS-100 Series is also a cost-effective alternative to manual palletising.

This series includes models with manual pallet handling, semi-automatic pallet handling and fully automated pallet handling.

The GS-100 series is capable of rates in excess of 30 cases per minute.

Value-engineered alternative to manual palletising

The Alvey GS100 Series provides a cost-effective, scalable palletiser for those looking to convert from manual palletising. The Alvey GS100 Series includes three models for a complete range of pallet-handling options.

  • Modular design with multiple standard layout configurations
  • Metric design
  • Ships in a single shipping container
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Up to 30 cases per minute
  • Quick delivery

Model GS120

  • Manual pallet handling
  • Manual empty pallet replacement
  • Manual full load removal

Model GS130

  • Semi-automated pallet handling
  • Single empty pallet infeed
  • Automatic full load accumulation

Model GS140

  • Fully automated pallet handling
  • Automatic pallet dispenser
  • Automatic full load accumulation

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