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A-900 Series

The Alvey A-900 Case Palletising range leads the industry in speed, flexibility & reliability.

The in line pattern forming offers smooth, continuous motion operation.

The A-910 series is capable of rates in excess of 125 cases per minute.

The A-940 series is capable of rates in excess of 200 cases per minute.

Very High Speed Case Palletisers

Many of these in-line palletisers have been operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for over 30 years. They offer unprecedented package handling and pattern forming flexibility using the proven Alvey slat divider.

  • Most popular machine in the in-line market with over 600 sold
  • Gentle product handling
  • Proven performance from the company that invented in-line palletising
  • Two- or three-stage infeed belt conveyor
  • One-piece heavy-duty tube frame and premium quality components
  • Adaptable to your specifications

Model 910

  • An entry-level in-line palletiser
  • Single layer accumulation zone
  • Up to 125 cases/min

Model 942

  • Higher-speed features for more demanding applications
  • Two layer accumulation zones
  • Up to 160 cases/min

Model 943

  • Our highest-speed palletiser for the most demanding applications
  • Three layer accumulation zones
  • Over 200 cases/min

Two Available Hoist Types:

  • All-electric chain hoist
  • Highest-speed hydraulic ram hoist

High-Speed Tier Sheet Dispenser

  • High-speed unit can place 8-10 sheets per minute
  • Keeps up with tier sheet requirements for very high-speed applications
  • Most often used when handling film bundles

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