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A-890 Series

The Alvey A-890 High Speed Case Palletiser handles a broad range of case sizes, slip sheets and case orientation requirements.

This compact machine is available in a range of configurations to suit particular layout requirements.

The A 890 palletiser provides smooth, quiet performance with optimum line flexibility.

The A-890 series is capable of rates in excess of 75 cases per minute.

High Speed Case Palletisers

Handling a broad range of case sizes, slip sheets, tier sheets and case orientation requirements, the Alvey 890 Series provides smooth, quiet performance and optimum flexibility on the line.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Flexible layout
  • Available in front- and side-discharge configurations
  • High-speed capability in a compact footprint
  • Up to 75 cases per minute
  • Pattern utility software allows for creation of new case patterns from the touch screen

Model 891

  • Higher-speed capability – especially if your future load requirements include an increase in partial pallets
  • Includes layer accumulation area
  • Up to 75 cases/min

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