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A-680 Series

The Alvey A-680 Case Palletising range provides a compact, floor level in feed machine for end of line applications.

Three different models provide a range of speed capabilities.

The A-680 is capable of rates in excess of 60 cases per minute.

Floor Level Case Palletisers

Compact, floor-level infeed palletisers, available in three different models, offer a range of speed capabilities. Eight standard arrangements allow case infeed, pallet feed and load discharge to be configured to fit any layout.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Floor-level infeed
  • Lexan and round wire guard panels allow personnel to view machine operation
  • Simple design and premium components ensure exceptional reliability
  • Rates in excess of 60 cases per minute

Model 680

  • Lowest speed of Alvey 680 Series
  • Up to two layers per minute

Model 680R

  • Additional row accumulation increases rated speed
  • Row accumulation area
  • Two to three layers per minute

Model 681

  • Layer table allows higher throughput
  • Includes layer accumulation area
  • Up to five layers per minute

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