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Pallet Turning, Rotating & Transfer

Prime Engineering Pallet Handling systems can improve your pallet handling needs through proven design & integrated automation. Our range of Pallet turntables, rotators & transfers can be supplied individually or integrated with an innovative range of Prime Engineering pallet handing systems to minimize fork lift movements in your factory.

Pallet Turntables, rotators & transfers are often required within a production line to re orientate the pallet for operational, layout or product conformity requirements. Prime Engineering has a wide & varied range of pallet 'orientation' devices available to suit your specific production needs.

Common Features:

  • Standard or customized designs to suit any pallet type, size and load
  • Smooth quite operation
  • Adjustable feet
  • Modular construction to integrate with existing equipment or other Prime Engineering pallet handling systems
  • Variable speed drive (VSD) control if required


  • Drag chain or roller type available
  • Slew ring drive rotation
  • Centre drive for revisable operation

Roller turntable

Drag chain turn table

Slew ring rotation

Robust Modular Construction

Sold & Serviced Locally


Integrated design - Drag chain c/w rotating plate Direct drive rotation Electric Cam lift Robust construction

Rotator integrated into Drag chain conveyor

Direct Drive rotation

Urethane Rollers


Cam Lift


The Prime Engineering Pallet transfer range can offer the best suited transfer design for your pallet handling needs. Pallet transfer occurs by moving then lifting & transferring the pallet at 90˚. This can be achieved in a number of ways including:

  • Integrated pallet conveyor designs - Drag chain to Drag chain, Drag chain to roller etc.
  • Variety of lift options available - Electric Cam lift, pneumatic lift, Scissor lift, incline block lift etc.

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