"Conveying & Packaging Solutions for the food and beverage industry"

Slat Conveyors

Prime Engineering slat conveyors are a clean, reliable & cost effective means of transporting many types of products.

Slat chains are available in a variety of widths & types to provide the end user with the optimum efficient & cost effective transport solution. Straight run, side flex & low back pressure (LBP) slat options are some examples of the types of chains available. Prime engineering can design the perfect slat conveyor for your application.

Modular design

Carton or product conveyor

Roller pop out end transfer

Labeling & Coding

Sold & Serviced Locally


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • UHMWPE wear strips & side guides
  • Adjustable railing
  • Adjustable feet
  • Modular cost effective clean design
  • Shaft mount drives
  • Can be custom designed to suit product, speed & available space


  • Food & beverage applications
  • Packaging industry & automation applications
  • Quiet, positive transportation
  • Quick & positive and reliable
  • Proven modular design

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