"Conveying & Packaging Solutions for the food and beverage industry"

Pressure Free Combiners

Prime Engineering pressure free single filers for cans bottles & jars.

Pressure free single filers are often used in the beer & beverage industry to combine accumulated product into a single lane for labeling or inspection with zero accumulation. This is achieved with parallel conveyor chains operating at a gradual increased speed through mechanical conveyor means (sprockets & transmission chains) & integrated line control.

Clean SS Design

Suitable for high speed bottling & Canning

Drop out railing & tray

Sold & Serviced Locally

Innovative line control


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Drop out rails, tray & sensors
  • Shaft mount counter driven drives
  • Can be custom designed to suit product, speed & available space


  • Food & beverage applications
  • Packaging industry & automation applications
  • Quiet, positive transportation
  • Proven efficiencies

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