"Conveying & Packaging Solutions for the food and beverage industry"

Mat Top Bottle & Can Conveyor

Prime Engineering offers a full range of mat top bottle & can conveyors to suit any application.

Mat top conveyors are often preferable to slat & belt conveyors as they offer additional flexibility, serviceability, rigidity & wear characteristics. Tracking & positive location is improved with mat top conveyors together with the ability to ‘side’ or ‘dynamically’ transfer your product or container. Mat top modular belts are particularly suited to bottling & canning accumulation, singulisation & deceleration.

Deceleration & accumulation

Side transfer

Bottle handling

Can handling

Sold & Serviced Locally


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Extensive range of modular mat top belts
  • Shaft mount, centre mount or over head drives
  • Inclines, declines, DTS (Dynamic transfer), bends, metering or horizontal


  • Food & beverage applications
  • Packaging industry & automation applications
  • Quiet, positive transportation
  • Quick & simple ‘belt’ change over
  • Manufactured locally & built to last

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